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Prepare for Fall with Food-N-Motion

Camden -

CAMDEN – Learn how to better nourish and prepare your body for the winter in a five part workshop starting Sept. 29 with Deborah Cautela and Willow Hall creators of  Food-N-Motion.

Food-N-Motion will provide an opportunity to explore where our food comes from, how it’s prepared, and how this nourishes us and impacts our energy levels. Through a process of transformative group discussions and enjoyable movement, participants will be able to take what has previously been an intellectual understanding of a healthy lifestyle and develop an embodied understanding of what makes them actually feel good.

We tend to go along feeling our emotions, eating what we’re used to, and not noticing how our body responds, until we experience a crisis. This doesn’t have to be the case. We can learn to be conscious of how our choices make us feel, physically. Willow says, “Our lifestyles usually reflect what feels easiest or most natural to us. The many daily decisions that shape our lifestyle are mostly subconscious. By sensing what makes you feel really good, in your body, healthy choices become instinctive.”

Deborah Cautela is a certified five rhythms movement therapist, (5RMT) and licensed social worker (LSW). She brings to this work her understanding of how authentic movement cultivates self-awareness and emotional transformation. Willow Hall brings her knowledge as a health counselor and bodyworker to the group. To learn more about Food-N-Motion, or to register, please contact: Deborah at 691-0730 dcautela@roadrunner.com or Willow at 975-2771 willowhallmassage@yahoo.com.

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Contact Name: Deborah Cautela at 691-0730 or dcautela@roadrunner.com

Telephone Number: (207)975-2771

Website: http://

Email: willowhallmassage@yahoo.com