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STATEWIDE – National Midwifery week, being held across the country Oct.3-9, is a chance for midwives and the women they serve to reflect on their experiences, and midwifery’s contribution to womens health from attending birth to providing womens health care.

As celebration of Midwifery week, Nancy Green, CNM and the members of the Maine Association of Nurse Midwives would like to thank Calais Regional Hospital, the Administration , members of the Board,members of the Medical Staff, all Nursing Staff, and associated staff for their ongoing support, encouragement and trust throughout all the years I have been able to care for the women and their families in our community. Most of all, I would like to thank my patients for your ongoing trust, and faith in the safe care that midwives provide.
Lets continue to advance womens health together.

Maine Certified Nurse Midwives have been delivering babies and caring for Maine women since 1974 Today there are approximately 75 CNM’s in Maine with more than 29 practices located throughout the state with CNM’s having privileges in more than 22 hospitals. Statistics show that nurse midwifery births are growing, with CNM’s attending more than 20% o Maine births.
Our goal is to offer high quality,, safe and compassionate care for Maine women from teen years to menopause.

To learn more about nurse-midwifery in Maine or to find a nurse midwife in your area, please go to www.mainemidwives.org

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Contact Name: NANCY GREEN, CNM

Telephone Number: (207)454-3307

Website: http://www.calaishospital.org

Email: ngreen@calaishospital.org