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Histotechnology Professionals Day being celebrated March 10, 2011

Bangor, ME -

BANGOR – The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) sponsors an annual celebration of Histotechnology Professionals through Histotechnology Professionals Day (HPD) in March each year. The society has been working to educate young people about histotechnology as a career option with the annual Career Day program and HPD is another opportunity to increase public awareness and also bring awareness to practitioners of other disciplines in healthcare.

Like all medical professionals, the challenge in histology is too much work and too little time. But histotechnologists say the rewards of helping to find a diagnosis outweigh the pressure of knowing that someone’s life may lie in their hands.

Histotechnologists play a fundamental role in the allied health profession. A histotechnologist will prepare very thin slices of human, animal or plant tissue for microscopic examination. This is an important part of the intricate process of scientific investigation used in establishing and confirming patient diagnosis. Because of the histotechnologist‚Äės skillful application of sophisticated laboratory techniques, the seemingly invisible world of tissue structure becomes visible under a microscope.

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Contact Name: Clare Thornton, HTL(ASCP), QIHC - president of the Maine Society of Histotechnology and assistant supervisor at Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services

Telephone Number: (207)941-8262

Website: http://www.mainesocietyforhistotechnology.org

Email: cthornton@dahlchase.com