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Healthy Bones – A Wellness Symposium

Portland -

PORTLAND – Healthy Bones – A Wellness Symposium : “Our bodies can replenish bones and joints at any age” is the message of world-renowned scientist Dr. Narain Naidu, who will address a group of 500 wellness professionals and consumers at USM’s Abromson Center on Saturday, June 12, from 9 am to 4 pm, along with John Jackson, MD and Dave Rolfe, a wellness entrepreneur.
Narain Naidu, Ph.D. has researched the body’s bio-compounds for more than 25 years, looking for natural solutions to problems ranging from toxic shock to e-coli contamination in beef. He is widely credited with solving both of those late 20th-century problems.
In this decade Dr. Naidu has turned his attention to solving the bone and joint health problems which plague approximately one out of three Americans. “Diminishing bone density is no longer a problem confined to elders, but occurs as early as the teenage years, based on poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and increasing consumption of the phosphoric acid which is especially concentrated in soda. In addition to elders and teens, athletes of any age frequently find their bones and joints aching due to overuse,” says Sue McMorrow, BSN.
McMorrow says, “Lactoferrin is the bio-compound our bodies make to address the need for continual replenishment of bones and joints. As we age, our bodies make less and less of this vital compound. By replenishing our bodies’ supplies of lactoferrin, we can reverse one of the primary effects of aging, with no side effects.”
Dr. Naidu’s research led to the publication of an article on ribonuclease-enriched lacoterrin in Osteoporosis International in January 2009. He has licensed this product, trade-named OsteoDenx, to the Japanese Health Research Institute (Nikken).
Dr. Naidu’s visit to Maine is sponsored by a local group of Independent Nikken Wellness Consultants, the Maine Wellness Network. Martin’s Point Health Care is a co-sponsor of the event, which costs $15 and requires pre-registration. To pre-register call 207-474-5302 or email barbarajoseph@myfairpoint.net. The Japanese Health Research Institute (Nikken) was founded in 1975 in Fukuoka, Japan, and is now headquartered in Irvine, California. The company researches natural solutions to prevalent health issues, and when proved, brings them to market worldwide via a network of Wellness Consultants. www.Nikken.com. Dr. Naidu’s website is www.nterminus.com. His published research on bone health can be reviewed at www.ncbi.nih.gov/pubmed/1917234.

Barbara L. Joseph
Maine Wellness Network

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