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Diabetes Treatment Development

Hancock (statewide implications) -

HANCOCK,Maine -  Mitokine is currently developing effective new diabetes treatments. We have shown that our main product, normally made with insulin, increases the number of insulin producing cells and protects them, suggesting it is a critical component of glucose management. Work from a Toronto research team, published July 2011 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, substantiates these results.

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Mitokine Bioscience, LLC (Mitokine) is a small biopharmaceutical firm located in Hancock, Maine that is focused on understanding the role of GABA in the body, with a current emphasis on GABA and GABA receptor agonists as a means of controlling glucose for those with Type 1 diabetes.

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Contact Name: Brooke Ligon or Paul Myer

Telephone Number: (207)422-6838

Website: http://www.mitokine.com

Email: pmyer@mitokine.com