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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in your life?

Rockland -

ROCKLAND – Do you or someone you know live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Would you be willing to be part of a group to not only share your concerns but your experiences in a very informal atmosphere. I am trying to form this group to provide a better understand of CFS and to promote the possibility of living a much more productive and confortable life. There is no need for dues or rules, just a concern for each other. A meeting place will be determined after further interest is developed. People are signing up and I would anticipate guest speakers from a variety of medical professionals.

Please send along your interest, concerns, and suggestions. This is a chance from the very inception to be helpful, caring, and compassionate while placing emphasis on feeling better yourself.

Please contact: Dale Hayward, 162 North Main Street, Rockland, ME 04841.  594-8170, hdh@roadrunner.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Dale Hayward

Telephone Number: (207)594-8170

Website: http://

Email: hdh@roadrunner.com