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AROOSTOOK – Five Maine agencies are collaborating on a new project to utilize an electronic health record system. The behavioral health agencies formed a partnership, under the leadership of Integrated Service Solutions of Maine (ISS), to create efficiencies which include jointly implementing the system. The project will also serve as a pilot that can be adopted throughout Maine.

The agencies that make up ISS include Aroostook Mental Health Center, Crisis & Counseling Centers, Day One and Youth and Family Services, Inc.(the latter of which is not part of this particular collaborative). Joining ISS in adopting ClaimTrak, which provides the software for the system, is OHI and Charlotte White Center. For over 19 years, ClaimTrak Systems, Inc. has offered cutting-edge software solutions to inpatient, outpatient and residential providers of behavioral health and human services. This project will enhance the ability of these behavioral health providers to serve clients while protecting their personal health information.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for several Maine non-profits to work together to protect client data and improve procedures,” said David Faulkner, Vice President of ISS and Executive Director of Day One. “This is a unique partnership, not only for Maine, but for the entire country.”

Leading ISS are Lynn Duby, President, Chief Executive Officer at Crisis & Counseling Centers; David Faulkner, Vice President, Executive Director at Day One; Greg Disy, Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer at Aroostook Mental Health Center; and Lora Wilford-McManus, Secretary, Executive Director at Youth and Family Services, Inc.

ISS initially formed in 2003. Its focus has been on finding ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness through collaboration. More recently, in April 2010, the five agency CEOs and agency program staff started meeting regularly to streamline processes so that ClaimTrak could be adopted by the partner agencies. Full rollout of the program is expected to take place in February 2011.

By streamlining processes and therefore cost, Integrated Service Solutions and its partners created a unique opportunity for these agencies to adopt an electronic behavioral health record system. ISS expects other agencies around Maine and the United States will adopt the system after its successful rollout.

Day One, headquartered in South Portland, is Maine’s leading agency dealing with adolescent substance abuse. Its mission is to dramatically reduce substance abuse among Maine youth to help them live productive, healthy and rewarding lives. Day One serves youth, families, schools and communities by providing substance abuse specific training and education, assessment, screening, referrals and treatment. Day One was the only non-profit organization chosen by its staff as “Best Places to Work 2009” through MaineBiz and honored as the “Agency of Distinction 2008” by WCSH Channel 6 and the United Way of Greater Portland.

Crisis & Counseling Centers (C&C) is headquartered in Augusta and is licensed by the State of Maine as a mental health and substance abuse treatment facility. C&C is the sole provider of 24-hour mobile crisis response, stabilization and aftercare in Kennebec and Somerset counties and in addition provides outpatient treatment of mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders; medication management and psychiatric consultation; integrated healthcare in two large county jails; and parent support and training statewide. C&C has been recognized by Maine’s Co-Occurring Court and the Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine for its leadership in treating individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Aroostook Mental Health Center (AMHC) is a private, non-profit behavioral health care organization with operations in Aroostook, Hancock, and Washington Counties. Incorporated in 1964, AMHC has evolved into a comprehensive community health organization offering a wide variety of outpatient and residential services including: Emergency, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Community Support, Rehabilitation and Speech and Language services. It also offers Community Education and Consultation services.

Youth & Family Services, Inc., is a licensed professional, non-profit agency providing quality treatment for individual, marital and family problems including substance abuse services. Additionally Youth & Family Services provides home based services, including short term intensive counseling and services directed at families at risk of child removal by the Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Case Management, Community Case Management (for adult individuals with mental retardation and autism), and Outreach to homeless youth.

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