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National Grange Month

Bangor -

BANGOR РA proclamation was presented to representatives of Bangor and Queen City Granges at the City Council meeting of March 28 declaring April as National Grange Month. The Grange has had a presence nationwide for 144 years, and Queen City Grange and Bangor Grange have been serving Bangor since 1872 and 1901. The month activities will end with a Community Citizens Night on Monday, April 26. Residents from the local area who have made a difference with volunteer their work will be presented with awards by Bangor Grange. The public is invited to all events, which will be at the Bangor grange hall, 1192 Ohio St. For more  information, call 973 3976.

For More Information:

Contact Name: rolf Staples, Sr.

Telephone Number: (207)973-3976

Website: http://