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Woodlawn program on Raising and Conserving Heirloom Chickens

Ellsworth -

ELLSWORTH – David Manski will lead a presentation on raising heirloom chickens from 10am to 11:30am,Saturday, June 19th.
Many breeds of livestock, including chickens are so rare, that they are threatened with possible extinction. Some traditional breeds of chickens (and other farm animals) are now in jeopardy because of how agriculture has changed over the years. Modern farming systems favor the use of a few specialized breeds selected specifically for fast growth and high production in a controlled environment. As a result, chicken breeds once common on the farms of our grandparents are no longer being raised for eggs and meat. These traditional breeds are a very important genetic resource and part of our agricultural heritage that deserve our attention and preservation. This workshop will discuss these heirloom chicken breeds and how you can help conserve them for future generations. David Manski, who has been raising and breeding standard sized heirloom chickens for about 15 years, will share his experiences and passion in conserving these important farm animals. Cost: Your donation to help Woodlawn develop more programs is greatly appreciated. Please call Woodlawn at 667-8671 to reserve a seat.

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