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Students to study sea turtles in Costa Rica

Hampden, ME -

HAMPDEN -  Hampden Academy high school students and their teacher, Serena Morris, will be participating in a 9-day field science project in Costa Rica, June 18-26, 2010,  studying a sea turtle that is one of the oldest species on Earth: the Leatherback.

The Sea Turtle Ecology Program, organized by Ecology Project International (www.ecologyproject.org), is located at the fourth most important nesting area in the world for the critically endangered Leatherback.  For more information contact Serena Morris at smorris@sad22.us. Contact Joshua Klaus at josh@ecologyproject.org

For More Information:

Contact Name: Joshua Klaus

Telephone Number: (406) 721-8784

Website: http://www.ecologyproject.org

Email: josh@ecologyproject.org