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MDI celebrates efforts to cut carbon emissions.

Bar Harbor -

Friends of Acadia supports the propane-powered Island Explorer bus system, which transports nearly 5,000 riders every day.

BAR HARBOR РFriends of Acadia joins other non-profits, families, students, businesses and churches on Mount Desert Island to celebrate efforts to reduce carbon emissionsat 11:45 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 10 at the Bar Harbor Ball Park beside the Farmer’s Market. A group photograph with a banner and display documenting local climate solutions. MDI will be joining over 7000 other communities around the world (www.350.org) to reduce carbon emissions to less than 350 parts per million (ppm), the safe upper limit in our atmosphere. We are presently at 390 ppm.

Sponsored by Acadia Friends (Quaker) and 350.org. Contact mdi101010@gmail.com, or Carole Beal (374-5844).

For More Information:

Contact Name: Ed Snyder

Telephone Number: (207)288-8968

Website: http://www.350.org

Email: mdi101010@gmail.com