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Free Talk on Mammal Stranding Response Program at the MDI YMCA

Bar Harbor -

Photo by Allied Whale.

BAR HARBOR – The College of the Atlantic Marine Mammal Stranding Response Program’s work along our coastline assisting marine mammals in distress at 9 a.m. Thursday, Feb.3¬† at the MDI WMCA ( 21 Park Street, Bar Harbor). Dr. Sean Todd Director of Allied Whale will provide a brief introduction to the marine mammals that commonly strand on our shores, and will talk about how members of the public can assist in this important endeavor. Dr. Todd, who recently chaired the US Northeast Region’s Stranding Conference, will also provide a larger national and global context to marine mammal stranding response.

For more information, contact Wellness Director Lisa Tweedie at fitness@mdiymca.org or 288-3511.

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Contact Name: Lisa Tweedie, Wellness Director

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