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Eco Apple Certification Given to Hope Orchards

Hope, Maine -

HOPE, Maine — Hope Orchards is an Eco Apple certified orchard. Hope Orchards is the first orchard in Maine to receive this certification. Eco Apple certification is based on a rigorous review of agricultural practices. It is recognized among orchards in New England, and in retail settings, as a healthy and fair alternative to organic certification. The Integrated Pest Management Institute of America, based in Wisconsin, manages and reviews farms to insure, among other things that sprays of any type are used only when necessary, and with minimal impact on the environment. This responsive spray method is both aggressive and attentive to the needs of the orchard. Organophosphates, the most concerning of sprays, are never used by Eco Apple orchards.
In 2001, Brien Davis, owner of Hope Orchards, began using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) through the assistance of Glen Koehler, state entomologist. Since that time, regular scouting of the orchard for the purpose of observing pests, fungal growth, and disease has taken place throughout the growing season. “The IPM method provides us with a way to reduce inputs (sprays) necessary to protect our fruit from pests,” says Davis. Traps are used to find the types and numbers of insects present in the orchard.
Degree days, based on accumulating warmth, determine when fungal growth is active, informing the orchardist of when an antifungal is indicated.
“I am proud to be a member of the Eco Apple group of farms,” says Davis. “We have always been concerned about our farming practices in terms of being good stewards of the land and growing healthy foods. This certification recognizes our efforts.”
More information about Eco Apple is available at http://redtomato.org/ecoapple.php. Hope Orchards will be open until October 30th. For further information, visit hopeorchards.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Emily or Brien Davis

Telephone Number: (207)542-3771

Website: http://www.hopeorchards.com/

Email: emily@hopeorchards.com