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Celebrate 250! – A Mark in Time – Island-wide Collaboration Announced

Mount Desert -

MOUNT DESERT ISLAND – While the Wabanaki people have inhabited Mount Desert Island for thousands of years, 2011 will mark the 250th Anniversary of the voyage by European descendants Abraham Somes and James Richardson from Gloucester, Massachusetts to Mount Desert Island, and their establishment of a very simple settlement in what is now Somesville. To that modest starting point came families and friends in a steady flow, with rapid expansion to other parts of the Island, and continued growth and vitality to develop our current, thriving community.

A collaborative group of Island organizations, brought together by the MDI Historical Society, has been developing plans for how to celebrate the anniversary year of this mark in time with a wide range of memorable, fun, educational events. The intent is to look back over the full 250 years since that voyage and humble settlement, and to explore the development of the whole Island, with all the different villages, municipalities, and offshore islands included. Organizations, villages, businesses, chambers of commerce are all invited to participate by creating their own event or working with others for a collaborative effort. A Steering Committee has come together to assist in the management of an Island-wide celebration. The term Celebrate 250! • 1761-2011 has been adopted as the unifying moniker.

The Steering Committee will develop a logo to represent the collaborative efforts throughout the year and will establish a website to host information, schedules, and links to more information and specific organizations. Guidelines for the nature of the events, possible themes to inspire programs, and use of the logo also are under development.

For more information, contact the MDI Historical Society at mdihistory@gmail.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Tim Garrity, Executive Director

Telephone Number: (207)244-0628

Website: http://

Email: mdihistory@gmail.com