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Alleviating Poverty and Deforestation in Central America

Surry, Maine -

With SHI’s help, whole families work on establishing organic vegetable gardens near their homes, including this young boy's family in Honduras.

SURRY – Planting Hope, a documentary from Sustainable Harvest International, will be shown at 7:oo p.m.  Friday, Sept. 17 at the UU Church of Ellsworth. UUCE member Flo Reed founded SHI in 1997 after serving in the Peace Corps in Panama. She now serves SHI as president and will share some of her personal story of involvement with SHI. Randy Morrison, of the SHI staff will present the short film and lead a discussion afterwards.

“Planting Hope captures life in rural Honduras from the perspectives of SHI field trainer, Juan Carlos, and graduate farmer, Don Cheyo. Juan Carlos has worked for SHI for ten years and exemplifies the commitment to community and sustainable farming that is at the heart of SHI’s mission. Watch as he visits rural villages to provide assistance and advice to farmers transitioning to sustainable techniques. They are abandoning the traditional slash-and-burn farming that destroys, on average, 33.8 million acres each year.

SHI graduate farmer, Don Cheyo, provides a tour of his farm and insight into how his life has changed since working with SHI. He talks about the importance of the forests and his family’s new financial security. He shows images of the healthy soils that have been created with sustainable techniques. Most importantly, he shows us that there is hope for change and stability in a degraded landscape. He has become a community leader in sustainable farming and helps teach others that production booms with sustainable techniques.” For more information contact Martha Dickinson at 207 667 5863.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Martha Dickinson

Telephone Number: (207)667-5863

Website: http://www.sustainableharvest.org/media-newsroom/upcoming-events/details/10-planting-hope-documentary-a-discussion?lang=en

Email: marthad@gwi.net