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Stories for cancer patients

Bangor -

BANGOR – Comforting Blankets is working on a book as a fundraiser. The book will not only help us raise money to purchase more blankets for local cancer patients. But it will also help inspire you. We need your help, if you know anyone that had cancer or you yourself have cancer. Could you please help us in writing a poem or a short story of inspiration for others going through the same thing. Please have the story no longer than a page, but can be shorter. Ideas about for your story, they can be a thank you to someone that has help through it all, letting someone that is just starting what to expect, saying goodbye to a loved one, these are just a few ideas. Please send you story to Comforting Blankets at 121 Gilman rd. Bangor, Me 04401. Please have a return address so I send you a consent form, for you to sign and send back. Thank you in advance for sharing your story with us and others. www.comfortingblankets.org

For More Information:

Contact Name: Bobbie Dumond

Telephone Number: (207)735-7309

Website: http://www.comfortingblankets.org

Email: bdumond@comfortingblankets.org