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MCLU Director debates Conservative columnist

Bridgton, Maine -

BRIDGTON – Shenna Bellows, ACLU of Maine and Tom McLaughlin, conservative columnist, Bridgton News and educator will face off on civil liberties issues challenging the Maine State Legislature at 7 p.m. Friday, April 8, at the Lake Region Television Station, 3 Chase St. in Bridgton.
In a 60 minute debate format with time for audience questions, McLaughlin and Bellows will volley over Constitutional Rights relating to the right to medical privacy, reproductive rights, the REAL ID and public surveillance cameras. They can also be expected to debate constitutional questions around the Patriot Act and American constitutional rights, and Marriage Equality.
Tom McLaughlin describes himself as a former leftist turned conservative. In regularly published columns for the Bridgton News and various New Hampshire weeklies and conservative blogs, including his own, he writes with conservative fervor and tenacity leaving readers steaming or applauding his stands against abortion rights and immigrants.
For more information, call 774 5444.

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Contact Name: Edward Reilly

Telephone Number: (207)774-5444

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