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Blue Hill -

BLUE HILL – “Seeing the Heart of Palestine: The People, Their Vision, Their Struggle,” with slides and film clips, will be presented by Mainers who spent two weeks in Israel and Palestine last winter at 7pm on Friday, August 13th. Contemporary efforts in Palestine to advance justice, security, education and non-violence will be the focus of this event at the Howard Room of the Blue Hill Public Library, sponsored by Peninsula Peace and Justice. Admission is free.
Bob Schaible, a student of the evolving Israeli/Palestinian relationship, teaches at USM’s Lewiston-Auburn College. Sally Bowden-Schaible, a psychotherapist, founded LivingWell, a center for cultivating mind-body health and spiritual growth in Westbrook, ME.

The Schaibles spent time in East and West Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Beit Ommar, Ramalla, Nablus, and Balatta (a refuge camp in Nablus). They visited Jewish and Palestinian friends and developed new relationships. Their daughter served as translator and networker, having been in Jerusalem since early summer on a Brandeis graduate internship in conflict and coexistence sponsored by the Abraham Fund Foundation, and American organization promoting improved relations between Arab and Jewish Israelis.

In addition to telling of their journey, Sally will talk on how Buddhist study and practice inform her work for peace and justice. Bob will provide a brief overview of the conflict’s history and show video clips of four Palestinian community leaders and the work they are doing to promote non-violent resistance to the occupation.

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