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A Letter in Honor of Veterans Day

E.Machias -

MACHIAS, Maine — On a hot day last summer, four of us headed into the Philadelphia Navy Yard were my cousin Claire works and to visit the USS Forrestal. I was in the front seat with my grandpa Jim, my brother Asher and my cousin Quin sat in the back seat goofing of. We turned down a road with lots of old buildings with their windows broken and holes in the bricks, at the end of the road we turned into a parking lot there it docked the USS Forrestal, massive, grey like fog, proud, USS Forrestal painted neatly on the bow, now chipping off. A little scary at first that big “thing” right in front of you, like a big skyscraper in the water.
Four days after that we chugged along on the train back home to Maine, a month later we got a letter from grandpa, our family had known a doctor that had witnessed the USS Forrestal tragedy. 3 hours later he had written a letter to his father explaining everything.
He stood on a nearby aircraft carrier and watched the explosion, being a doctor he was sent over to the Forrestal right away to help the wounded. He stated the sight as horrific, with hurt men everywhere, men on fire, others trapped in burning helicopters, and some men with blown up bodies. He was working all day with this site and much more, 300 men had died in 3 hours and there were too many wounded to count. “It was hard to imagine even after being right there,” said the Doctor
I thank my grandfather for sharing this information with me, and my grandmother for taking the pictures.

Oona Molyneaux, 12

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