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Bangor -

BANGOR  -  The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine will be holding a multi-family yard sale from 9am to dusk on Friday and Saturday, June 11 & 12 at 82 Court Street, downtown Bangor. The nonprofit organization is raising funds for Aroostook Expeditionary Historical Markers, approved by the Maine Departments of Transportation and Tourism.

While the nation looks to Arizona and its border issues, the world looks to Afghanistan over border insurgents and Congress approves Cold War medals, Maine militia’s 180 year history of protecting and defending the Northeastern Territory goes largely unnoticed!

The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine is a mutual benefit educational/historical/genealogical non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the settlers and citizen militia of Maine who defended and protected the Northeastern boundary of the State of Maine and the United States of America through the signing of the Treaty of Washington, 1842. Show your support for historical markers to commemorate Maine soldiers and their efforts to protect and defend the territory of our nation.

Please visit our website at: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~me1837/. For more information or to get involved in this effort call 947-6424 or email: rjmunksgaard@yahoo.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Roxanne Munksgaard 207 947 6424

Telephone Number: (207)947-6424


Email: rjmunksgaard@yahoo.com