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Waldoboro Resident Raising Funds For Thermal Imaging Camera

Waldoboro -

WALDOBORO – On May 6, 2010, a tree fell on the power lines across from our home. I was watching TV and there was a bang and the TV as well as the lights went off. I could smell something that didn’t smell right.¬† 911 was called and the Waldoboro Fire Department responded withing minutes. CMP was there promptly as well. The fire department brought with them a 12 year old thermal imaging camera which allowed them as well as myself to see that the walls were free of any fire or unwanted heat. This allowed us to sleep feeling safe and secure in our home that night.

Waldoboro Fire Department works with Union, Bremen, Warren, Friendship, Washington, Jefferson and Nobleboro and when responding to a fire the Thermal Imaging Machine is where ever the fire is. We want to raise enough money for another machine and are hoping to go beyond that and get 2 Thermal Imaging Machine this summer and continue the fund rasing until all the towns have a machine. If we get a second machine by the last summer event the fire chief will be pulling out the name of one of the other Fire departments of the 7 to receive the next Thermal Imaging Machine.
We will be at Waldoboro Day June 19th with a Thermal Imaging Machine which is on loan to us from IPS of Yarmouth, Me.
On June 26th there will be a table at Warren Days, July 17th Friendship Days July and we are waiting for approval from other events in our area.
Each event will have a drawing for at least one prize. On Sept 5th at 3pm there will be the final drawings for all the other prizes.
Money Donation Information for Thermal Imaging Camera
Rockland Savings Bank, FSB
1341 Atlantic Highway P.O. Box 1229
Waldoboro, Maine 04572
(207) 832-4464
“CWFD” Citizens for Waldoboro Fire Department Acct.
or by contacting Vincenzo(Vinny) Rotondo @ 207-449-8380.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Vincenzo "Vinny" Rotondo

Telephone Number: 207-449-8380

Website: http://

Email: Vinnyunbotz@yahoo.com