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Waldo County schools to take part in ACES

Belfast -

BELFAST – Waldo County schools will be joining other schools in Maine and around the world in an international event to promote physical activity on Wednesday, May 4.

ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) is a one-day youth exercise program with the goal of educating children about the importance of lifelong fitness and its impact on health through the lifespan.  Obesity which can be directly linked to physical inactivity has risen dramatically in Waldo County. RSU 20 has 33 percent of its school population overweight or obese and RSU 3 has 47 percent of its school children overweight or obese. ACES is sponsored by the Maine Governor’s Council on Physical Activity and Healthy Waldo County.

For more information, call 930-6763.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Toni Mailloux

Telephone Number: (207)930-6763

Website: http://

Email: tmailloux@wcgh.org