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Unveiling of “Standing Tall Against Breast Cancer” 2012 calendar is Dec. 1

Belfast -

BELFAST, Maine — The Imaging Department at Waldo County General Hospital has created a 2012 calendar in honor and memory of its many breast cancer patients. An unveiling celebration of the calendar and its incredible pictures will be held beginning at 5:30 p.m Thursday, Dec. 1, in the Boathouse on Belfast Harbor.

Many of those pictured in the calendar will be present to autograph their photographs. There will be refreshments and an opportunity to mingle with those who are presently fighting cancer and those who are survivors. Family members of some of those who lost their battles are also expected to be present.

The calendar, titled ‚ÄúStanding Tall Against Breast Cancer,‚ÄĚ features photographs of breast cancer survivors, those currently fighting the disease, and some who lost their battles. The patients range in age from early 20s to 86 years old. Some chose to be photographed in their favorite locations, including on the shore, in front of her gardens and in her art gallery, while others put warrior paint on to symbolize their battle. One woman wanted to be photographed with the members of her knitting group who have been her support system.

There is a photograph of a mother and daughter who have both fought the disease; another with a young mother and her toddler; and yet another mother and daughter holding the picture of their husband and father who lost his battle with breast cancer. And there is a photograph of two cousins and their family members who shaved their heads or dyed their hair pink in support of the young women.

One survivor chose to have her picture taken on a stone creation she built to celebrate her victory over the dreaded disease; another group of women wanted to be photographed as a group to show how the disease does not discriminate between young and old and was survivable for them; and another young woman wanted to be the students with whom she works.

On the cover is a picture of a survivor. The picture shows her battle with breast cancer.

In the back of the calendar, at the request of the patients who were photographed, are pictures of many of the hospital employees who became support teams for those fighting breast cancer. There is also a copy of a poem written by a woman who is currently fighting breast cancer. She says as the poison from chemotherapy enters her body, poetry flows out.

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