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Treatment Facility Upgrade in Paris, ME Wins Engineering Excellence Award

Paris, ME -

PARIS, Maine — The comprehensive wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) upgrade project Woodard & Curran completed for the Paris (ME) Utility District received an Engineering Excellence Award from the Maine chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies. A major focus of the project was reducing the facility’s energy use and carbon footprint.
The project was undertaken in phases and included every aspect of the District’s wastewater treatment facilities including the headworks, biological treatment, disinfection, sludge dewatering, stormwater retention and a new control system that also monitors all of the pump stations in the collection system. The entire facility is designed to minimize the District’s carbon footprint and includes effluent water-source heat pumps and other energy conservation measures such as heat recovery systems. By maximizing the use of existing assets to reduce project costs, the District was also able to complete additional projects that were not included in the original scope due to budget constraints.
The upgraded facility has a capacity of 7 MGD to accommodate peak flows and include a new mechanically cleaned screen and bypass channel. One key component of this phase was the addition of new inclined screw conveyors to replace a chain and bucket elevator for grit removal from the aerated grit tank, which eliminated the need for labor intensive handling of grit tank residuals. The grit tank was further optimized through the placement of fiberglass baffles, new diffusers and two new three-lobe positive displacement blowers and sound enclosures for aeration of the tank.
The second phase of the project focused on installation of a new chemically enhanced biological treatment system that utilizes concrete tankage originally built in 1975 to treat waste from the tannery and cannery. The second phase of work also included a cutting edge sludge dewatering system that achieves superb results with dramatically reduced energy and maintenance, leading to significant savings in sludge processing and hauling costs. Plant HVAC systems were also upgraded to maximize energy efficiency.
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