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Town of Glenburn to Hold Public Hearing

Glenburn -

GLENBURN – The Town of Glenburn is taking steps to develop a plan to attract and guide future economic growth in the community. According to Town Manager Michael Crooker, the Town Council has appointed an economic development committee comprised of local residents and they have been actively discussing a range of economic development and business assistance efforts. A town-wide survey to obtain citizen input was also conducted as part of the planning process Crooker added. This Strategic Plan is now complete and ready for public comment. It will be presented at a public hearing at 7 p.m.Thursday, Nov. 18 at the Glenburn Town Office.For more information, call 942 2905.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Town Manager, Michael Crooker

Telephone Number: (207)942-2905

Website: http://www.glenburn.org

Email: crookerm@glenburn.net