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Top Quality Rating For Island Nursing Home

Deer Isle -

DERR ISLE, Maine — The Island Nursing Home and Care Center in Deer Isle is one of only four out of 109 Maine nursing homes to receive a five-star quality rating according to a 2011 US News report on the best U.S. nursing homes.

The U.S. News rankings rely on data from Nursing Home Compare, a consumer web site run by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The data come from regular health inspections carried out by state agencies and from the homes themselves. Using that information, CMS assigns an overall rating of one to five stars to each nursing home. The overall rating is based on how well they do in three areas (health inspections, nurse staffing, and providing a high level of quality of care). Island Nursing Home received a perfect score of five-stars in each of the three areas.

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Contact Name: Dan Hadley, Marketing and Development

Telephone Number: (207)367-5840

Website: http://islandnursinghome.org

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