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Teen Holiday Party Planning

Knox County -

KNOX COUNTY, Maine — Santa is arriving in many towns in Knox County as the holiday season gets into full swing. That means more festivities and more potential for underage drinking. The Knox County Health Coalition and Maine’s Office of Substance Abuse offer five simple, time-proven tips for preventing teen alcohol use through increased parental monitoring.

1. Limit your teen’s access to alcohol. Keep track of what and how much you have in your home, and keep it where it’s not accessible to teens.
2. Network with other parents. Get to know your teen’s friends and their parents and let them know where you stand on underage alcohol use.
3. Enforce your rules consistently. Make sure your teen understands your rules and the consequences if they are broken.
4. Check in often with your teen. Be sure you know how to reach them. Ask them where they’re going, if anyone will have alcohol and if adults will be present.
5. Be up and ready when your teen comes home. Ask them about their night and be prepared for what you will say or do if you discover they’ve been drinking.

Parental monitoring is critical in preventing underage alcohol use. In fact, high school students who don’t believe they would be caught by their parents are three times as likely to drink alcohol.

For more detailed tips and information about how to prevent underage drinking, call KCCHC at 236-6313×3, visit www.mainparents.net, or contact OSA toll free at 1-800-499-0027.

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