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Sustainable Fisheries Topic Of Talk

Sullivan -

SULLIVAN – Frenchman’s Bay Library in Sullivan will host a dialogue about sustainable fisheries in the Gulf of Maine from 7-8:30 p.m.¬† Monday, Oct. 25.¬† Aaron Dority of the Penobscot East Resource Center of Stonington will present a video highlighting recent efforts to create community-supported fisheries and a sustainable ground fish¬† harvest. A discussion of how Sullivan and other down east traditional fishing communities can use what has been learned will follow.

Call 207-667-6575 for more information or visit the website
http://www.frenchman.lib.me.us For more information about Penobscot East Resource Center contact them at (207) 367-2708 or http://www.penobscoteast.org

For More Information:

Contact Name: jreece@frenchman.lib.me.us

Telephone Number: (207)422-2307

Website: http://www.frenchman.lib.me.us

Email: jreece@frenchman.lib.me.us