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Ripley Farm to offer free veggie preservation class

Bangor -

BANGOR, Maine — Ripley Farm’s Mary Margaret Ripley will reveal the secrets of successful vegetable fermentation at a free hands-on workshop at 2p.m. Saturday Oct. 22, at Central Street Farmhouse in Downtown Bangor. People worldwide enjoy the tangy flavor of fermented vegetables which contain beneficial enzymes and lactobacilli that promote healthy digestion.
Ripley will help participants craft and taste three kinds of popular vegetable ferments: ginger carrots, kimchi, and sauerkraut. Prepared vegetables combined with a salt brine produce lactic acid which preserves the produce for months of healthy eating.
The free workshop is part of the Fall Fermentation Festival series hosted by Central Street Farmhouse, also featuring events on beer, soda, and cheese making. For more information, call 564-0563 or www.centralstreetfarmhouse.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Mary Margaret Ripley

Telephone Number: (207)564-0563

Website: http://www.centralstreetfarmhouse.com