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Relocation of a Charitable Non Profit

Fairfeld -

FAIRFIELD, Maine — The Non profit called Hospitality House Inc. served Statewide. It will relocate to a state with more charitable Foundations this spring. Right now the group cannot even afford a POBOX. It was founded in 1983. IT provided shelter for two years.It told people how to avoid Homelessness. In 2012 the non-profit will focus on ending all poverty.

Maine has not been a state providing adequate funds to accomplish this goal. But if the people of Maine want to be recalled as the “Birth place of ending poverty”; Send funds to our bank at Kennebec Federal Savings bank 70 Main St. Waterville ME.04901. Or carry a story on the How to end poverty.

Hospitality House Inc. needs to get out the word of the simple end to poverty- which Chirst himself said, when asked how much to give to the poor. He said “The Full Need.” This is the idea we must get out to the population of the USA and beyond. Poverty can end in a matter of days; “When we all believe the earth has enough resorces so everyone can earn their Basic needs.”

Call 2074532353. To learn more. With people behind us, we can accomplish more in these next few month thab in the 30 years before.

Help us tell others how to end poverty. Its as simple as a decent or a full livable wage. for everyone. We will spend $1,000 like it were $3,000. The work of Hospitality House Inc is a wise investment. With $50,000 we would begin the end of the attitude of poverty. We would remind all, across the USA, that Maine is the Birth Place of Ending Poverty.

We Know tghat there are caring and wise people in Maine. We ask you consider yourself’s asked for a donation of time, and wisdom

For More Information:

Contact Name: Jan Lightfoot

Telephone Number: (207)453-2353

Website: http://www.Hospitalityhouseofmaine.org

Email: endpoverty101@yahoo.com