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McMahon Builders LLC. Oversees Lupine Terrace Affordable Housing Project

Rockland, ME -

ROCKLAND, Maine — On October 21st, the first of 18 homes was delivered to the community housing project at Lupine Terrance in Camden, Maine. Over the course of two years 8 affordable housing homes and 10 market homes will be built. The affordable housing homes are delivered by Keiser Homes and then finished and overseen by local companies to the Midcoast.

Steve McMahon, of McMahon Builders LLC. has been involved in the project for 6 months. “As the overseer of the project it is his responsibility to ensure that all codes are followed, and that the project is completed on time and on budget. I feel such a connection to our community and like to give back however I can. When a project such as this comes around that is such a perfect combination of community need and my skills I have to jump.”

The first home that arrived on October 21st, is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in December of 2011. The project projects 18 homes being built, however there are lots available for private sale.

For more information or to inquire about the available lots contact: Pamela Fowles at 236-0180.

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For More Information:

Contact Name: Steve McMahon

Telephone Number: (207)596-0484

Website: http://www.mcmahonbuildersllc.com

Email: steve@mcmahonbuildersllc.com