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Maine Water Utilities and Professionals Recognized for Excellence

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The Maine Water Utilities Association (MWUA) honored several public drinking water systems and drinking water professionals with awards presented at their 84th Annual February Meeting and Trade Show. The awards recognize those members of the Association who positively impact the water profession throughout Maine and exemplify MWUA’s mission to advocate for safe drinking water through education, legislation, policy, and networking.

The Excellence in Operations Award was presented to Madawaska Water District. The Excellence in Operations Award recognizes a public water system’s outstanding performance where a team effort has contributed to excellence in compliance with public health and environmental standards, system maintenance, continuous improvements to water quality, training and education of the utility’s employees, education of the public about drinking water issues, and participating in new research to improve drinking water quality.

The Jeff Nixon Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Dennis Knowles, Superintendent of the Sanford Water District. This award recognizes a member of MWUA who has provided a career of service to a Maine water utility, demonstrated dedication and commitment to MWUA for ten years or more, and has had outstanding contributions to the water works profession in Maine.

Gregory Cataldo of Woodard & Curran, Inc. received the Jim Doherty Excellence in Volunteerism Award. This award is presented to an associate member of MWUA who has, while volunteering time materials, equipment, or expertise, provided an outstanding service, contribution or assistance to a Maine water utility, the utility’s employees or staff or to the water works profession, going above and beyond their normal job requirements to simply provide a helping hand.

The President’s Award was presented to Roger C. Raymond, James E. Golter, and Robert Wyman, Trustees of the Kittery Water District. The President’s Award is bestowed upon an individual or organization that has demonstrated an extraordinary dedication and commitment to the water works profession and to the MWUA over the past year.

Michael Broadbent, Superintendent of the Richmond Utilities District was awarded the Sid Anthony Award of Merit. This award is given to a member of the MWUA who demonstrates one or more of the following: outstanding service to a Maine water utility, outstanding contributions or assistance to other water utility personnel, or outstanding contributions to water works practice.

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