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Maine soldiers attend Bar Harbor Wedding

Bar Harbor, Maine -

Zach Burnett (brother of Meghann Rollins), Flat Meghann Rollins, Elizabeth Hanz (Bride), Geoffrey Hanz (Groom) and Flat Joshua Rollins at the Hanz Wedding in Bar Harbor, ME July 1, 2010. Photo taken by Meghann's mother Valerie Burnett

BAR HARBOR – Long time family friends Meghann and Josh Rollins who are currently serving our Country in Afghanistan with the 1136th TC were able to attend the wedding of Elizabeth MacInnes and Geoffrey Hanz in Bar Harbor Maine July 1st “flat” style.

Meghan Rollins Mom, Valerie Burnett, made large cutouts of Meghann Rollins and Josh Rollins so that they could attend the wedding. Flat Meghann wore pearls and Flat Josh wore a tie, they attended the wedding events in style!

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