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Local Organizations Partner with the American Red Cross for Donor Days

Bangor -

BANGOR, Maine – During the month of January, Maine Youth Leadership and the Bangor Roller Derby participated in the American Red Cross Donor Day program at the Bangor Donor Center.

“Everyone here at the Bangor Donor Center would like to send a thank you out to Maine Youth Leadership and the Bangor Roller Derby,” said Rebecca MacManus, Customer Service Representative for the American Red Cross. “We are very grateful for the partnership that we have developed with both organizations. The winter months are very difficult for the Red Cross. Sickness and the challenging Maine winters make for difficult collections so these Donor Days are extremely important to ensure the hospitals receive the blood they need during this difficult time of year.”

A Donor Day is an opportunity for organizations to partner with the Red Cross by having a presence in the Donor Center. It is a special event for groups of five or more people to come to the Donor Center, on 900 B Hammond Street in Bangor, and donate blood. Participating in a Donor Day is an easy fantastic opportunity to give back to the local community.

Organizations interested in hosting a Donor Day or in obtaining more information should call Rebecca MacManus at 941-2900.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Rebecca MacManus

Telephone Number: (207)941-2900

Website: http://redcrossblood.org

Email: macmanusr@usa.redcross.org