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Latin Students Converge on Hampden Academy

Hampden -

HAMPDEN, Maine — Hampden Academy will host the fall convention for the Maine Junior Classical League on Friday, Nov. 18. Maine JCL President and Hampden Latin student John Wilson will welcome over 350 Latin students from 14 different Maine schools to participate in an evening of academics, spirit, and toga fun. Hampden also has two other state officers this year, the 2nd Vice-President in charge of spirit, Jordan Henry, and the Historian, Simon Burditt. The theme for this JCL year is the Latin phrase from the Roman poet Horace, “dimidium facti qui coepit habet”, he who has begun has half the deed done. The spirit theme for this convention is “Classical” Music.

At the convention, JCLers will compete in multiple areas. For academics, there are tests over Latin grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, classical mythology, ancient history and culture, and English derivatives (from Latin). Camden Hills is the reigning academics champion from last year. Also, from 7:30-8:30, schools will be contending with each other in a game called certamen, in which four students per team answer questions on any topic relating to Latin or the ancient world. This game can be intense, where speed is as important as knowledge. Last year’s Latin 1 champion was Foxcroft Academy, Latin 2 was Camden Hills, with Hampden Academy taking top honors in Advanced Latin.

The most visually and aurally event of the evening will be during the spirit competition, from 6:45-7:00. Schools, toga-clad and adorned with various and assorted props, cheer as loud as they can for Latin and the classics. Winthrop High School, last year’s host school, is the returning spirit champion. Spirit is tough to explain, but easy to enjoy, and a sight to see.

The Fall Convention is the first of three Maine JCL state events during the 2011-2012 school year. The winter Certamen Night will take place at Winthrop High School on March 30, and the Spring Convention will occur at Camp Mechuwana in Winthrop from May 23-24.

The Maine Junior Classical League is an organization for high school students which focuses on the study of ancient Greece and Rome through the languages of Greek and Latin. Currently, there are over 500 student members of the Maine JCL. The National JCL is the second largest youth organization in the country, and the largest organization in the world, youth or adult, devoted to the study of Latin and Greek. For more information on the Junior Classical League and teaching Latin, please contact Maine JCL State Chair and Hampden Academy Latin teacher Ben Johnson at bjohnson@sad22.us.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Ben Johnson

Telephone Number: (207)862-3791

Website: http://www.maineclassics.org

Email: bjohnson@sad22.us