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Cushing -

CUSHING РASK…for Home Care nurses have been providing footcare to Homestead residents for years, but on June 24th, they took it to another level. With the popularity of spas nationwide, it was decided to incorporate fun and relaxation into what has been a medical treatment in the past. The afternoon started with some lovely refreshments and soothing country music. Residents, both ladies and gentlemen, gathered to soak their feet in community, enjoying the camaraderie of socializing with each other. Amy Beckett, the nurse, began her footcare, while Ashley Mank, an aide but also a cosmetologist, helped the ladies select nail polish that she had contributed. They had great fun getting their nails polished and comparing the different colors. Sheila Greenlaw and Laurie Davey assisted with refreshments and students from the Personal Support Specialist classes helped with hand massages. There was plenty of laughter, as residents really enjoyed being pampered. What a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon!

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Contact Name: Katrina Coakley

Telephone Number: (207)354-7077

Website: http://www.askforhomecare.com

Email: katrina@askforhomecare.com