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BAR HARBOR, Maine –  Academic Year in America is a not for profit organization that places international high school students in high schools throughout the United States. Academic Year in America Local Coordinator, Alison Holmquist of Bar Harbor, Maine is in need of a host family to host the following student who will be attending MDI High School for the 2011-2012 school year.

Ning is a calm, out going and friendly, 16 year old girl from China. She has been attending a top foreign language school in China for the past 4 years where she is an “A” student. Ning has studied English for the past 7 years in which she has become a fluent speaker and writer of English. At school she is a reporter in the school’s media center, writing for the newspaper and website. She aspires to someday become a journalist or photographer. Ning is also a member of the school choir and Greenpeace club. As an avid reader and writer Ning loves going to the library and getting lost in a book. Ning appreciates the Chinese saying “Reading millions of books and traveling millions of miles makes a great man.” She has traveled to Hong Kong, parts of Europe including Germany in the past. She says “ those traveling experiences have pushed me to go out and learn something more.” Ning believes her exchange year in the U.S. will gain her experiences that will enrich her insight of the U.S. She would like to work on a school newspaper, attend a school dance and take a cooking class during her exchange year.

A host family is asked to welcome an international student into their home and family for a 10 month school year all the while providing a safe, supportive and loving home. Just as there is no “typical” American family, there is no “typical” host family. Retirees, childless couples and single parents are all able to give an international student a good home. The host family is responsible for providing the student with his/her own bed (room can be shared w/ child of same sex w/in 4 years of student’s age) and a place to study. Providing the student with meals (except school lunches) and transportation to and from school(usually by school bus) is also required. An international student should be accepted as a full member of a host family, with all the privileges and responsibilities which children of the host family have. Students come with their own spending money and money for school lunches along with full medical insurance.
Please contact Alison Holmquist at 288-1065 or email her at maineislandgal@gmail.com to learn more information on how your family can become Ning’s host family this year.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Alison Holmquist

Telephone Number: (207)266-1923

Website: http://academicyear.org

Email: maineislandgal@gmail.com