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BANGOR РThe Bangor Area Recovery Network, Inc., a nonprofit organization formed to help the entire community deal with the effects of drug and alcohol addiction, will open their doors at an open house and ribbon cutting ceremonyat 11:30am  on Thursday, July 15.  The B.A.R.N. Center is located at 611 Hammond Street in Bangor.
The mission of the the B.A.R.N., Inc., is to establish, manage, and maintain a facility to serve as a center for the recovering community to meet, socialize, and carry the message of recovery in a safe and comfortable environment.
Addiction as a whole has touched many lives. “If we can show
even one person that life can be different and plant the seed of hope,
the mission of the community recovery center will be fulfilled,” said
secretary, Jean Rideout.
The B.A.R.N. views recovery from alcohol and drug problems
as a process of change through which an individual achieves
abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life.
Goals include providing supportive services, activities and
facilities that support a thriving recovery fellowship – dances,
meetings, and more. At meetings, the members’ problems are
discussed and solutions suggested. In our town, recovery meetings
have been in existence for many years. It has been proven time
and again its precious worth to many people who had almost given
up in despair. Now with a focal center, centrally located,
the B.A.R.N. can become a powerful sanctuary for those looking
for hope and a new way of living.
“The B.A.R.N is staffed by volunteers and there
will be a manager on the premises to meet and greet visitors, ”
Stewart Mailman, of the membership commitee said.
“In the spirit of camaraderie, suggestions are very welcomed.”
Those attending recovery meetings do not have to be
members of the club. Specific meetings are set, and the B.A.R.N.
is currently filling in meeting times. Members must be at least
18 years of age. Persons under 18 who enter must be accompanied
by a parent or guardian. Members in good standing may sponsor
in a guest who have an interest in joining the center.
If you have been touched by addiction or know someone
who could be helped by the B.A.R.N. organization, plan on
attending the ribbon cutting ceremony.
For Bangor and its surrounding communities, hope is
the message, and freedom from the chains of addiction is
the promise.

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