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Hampden Latin Students Excel at National Junior Classical League Convention

Hampden -

HAMPDEN – Seven Latin students from Hampden Academy joined six others students from Maine at the annual National Junior Classical League Convention at North Dakota State University in Fargo, from July 27 to August 1. These students participate in academic, artistic, and athletic competitions with some of the best Latin students from around the country. The theme of the convention this year was a quote from the Roman stoic philosopher Seneca the Younger, non est ad astra mollis e terris via, “there is no easy way from the earth to the stars.” Many events at the convention focused on different points of this theme, including a visit from the governor of North Dakota, John Hoeven.

Hampden’s seven students were the most impressive delegates from Maine in the academic competition. In the academic and artistic competitions, Micah Valliere repeated his victory in the Classical Art contest. Micah has placed first nationally in an academic contest each of his three years attending the NJCL convention, an amazing feat given the impressive competition nationally. Micah also placed 2nd on Greek Life and Literature, 4th on Hellenic (Greek) History, 7th on Ancient Geography, and 11th on Mythology. Micah’s board game, based on the Greek colonies in southern Italy called Magna Graecia, earned 2nd place in its art category. Micah also wrote a short story with mythical themes which earned 3rd place. Micah also finished 5th in chalk/pastels and decorative stitching, 7th in the multimedia category with his video on the Oedipus myth, and 10th in dolls. Jack Swalec placed 9th on the Greek Life and Literature exam, 19th on Hellenic History, and 20th on Ancient Geography. Meaghan Haenn came in 15th on the Greek Derivatives exam and 19th on Reading Comprehension, Poetry. Abby Sherburne, Maine JCL’s 1st Vice President this past year, came in 15th place on the Roman Life exam, 16th on Mottoes, and 17th on both Prose and Poetry Reading Comprehensions. Rachel Henderson, Maine JCL’s 1st Vice President for the upcoming school year, and Caitlin Swalec took 16th place on Roman Life and Latin Reading Comprehension, respectively, while Rachel also earned a 19th place on Reading Comprehension, Poetry. Carl Hanson, Maine JCL’s incoming Secretary, earned 17th and 19th place on the Reading Comprehension, Poetry and Prose, respectively, and 20th place on Greek Life and Literature.

Several Hampden students were competitive in the olympic competitions. Caitlin Swalec placed in each of the following swimming events: 3rd in the 50-yard Butterfly, 50-yard Freestyle, 50-yard Breaststroke, and 4th in the 50-yard Backstroke. Carl Hanson, Hampden, came in 6th place in the 5k run and 200m Dash, while Rachel Henderson came in 6th place in the 200m Dash and 8th in the 100m Dash.

All thirteen Maine students were accompanied by their Latin teachers and JCL sponsors: Ben Johnson, Hampden Academy; Marilee Osier, Sacopee Valley; Meg Cook, Winthrop. Maine was one of four states from New England to send students to the convention. Thirty-two states overall were represented in Fargo.

The National Junior Classical League is an organization for high school students which focuses on the study of ancient Greece and Rome through the languages of Greek and Latin. Currently, there are over 45,000 student members of the NJCL, over 500 of which come from Maine. The NJCL is the second largest youth organization in the country, and the largest organization in the world, youth or adult, devoted to the study of Latin and Greek. Next year’s convention will be held at Eastern Kentucky University from July 25-30, with the theme from Professor Isaac Flagg, bene legere saecla vincere, “to read well is to master the ages.”

For more information on the Junior Classical League and teaching Latin, please contact Maine JCL State Chair and Hampden Academy Latin teacher Ben Johnson at bjohnson@sad22.us.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Ben Johnson

Telephone Number: (207)862-4024

Website: http://www.njcl.org

Email: bjohnson@sad22.us