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Green guide expanding to midcoast

Rockland/Campden/Belfast -

PORTLAND -  The SunriseGuide, a Maine-based guide to healthy & sustainable living, is growing this summer and expanding its coverage from southern Maine to also include the midcoast from Bath to Belfast.

The annual green resource guide and coupon book was founded in 2006 and serves a dual purpose. “Our ultimate goal is to help educate consumers about environmental issues in a way that is fun and accessible,” said Heather Chandler, founder and publisher of the SunriseGuide. “We’ve all got information overload and it can be hard to keep up with the latest on environmental issues. So, we put together a collection of helpful information each year that is relevant to living in Maine and then present it in a way that people enjoy reading.”

The guide also serves as a directory for local businesses and provides money saving discounts for products and services with reduced environmental impacts. “While it’s nothing new, what businesses have found effective about coupons is that they generate a direct response,” said Chandler. “Not to mention an incentive to choose a local business over a box store. We all vote with our dollars and we’re just trying to make it easier for people to make choices that are environmentally friendly and wallet friendly.”

The SunriseGuide will be a featured speaker at the Green Drinks event this weekend in Rockport. Green Drinks is a networking group for people interested in the natural environment. Green Drinks takes place Sunday, July 11, from 1-4 pm at Farmers Fare in Rockport. The SunriseGuide presents at 1:30 pm.

The 2011 edition of the SunriseGuide releases in October and will be the publication’s 5th anniversary edition. Guides are sold through retail outlets, as well as through school and church fundraisers, where groups that sell the guides keep up to half of the proceeds from each book sold.

“There’s an active community in the midcoast area that is very supportive of progressive businesses and sustainability,” said Ellie Daniels, owner of the Green Store in Belfast. “I chose to promote the Green Store in the SunriseGuide because I like the concept of the guide and think its being done well, the whole production from design to marketing and distribution.”

“We’ve been getting requests for several years to include the midcoast region in the guide,” said Chandler, “and we’re excited to help play a connecting role that makes it easy for people to find the green products and services they are looking for.”

For more information about the SunriseGuide please visit www.thesunriseguide.com or contact Patti Montana at 542-3879 or pmontana@thesunriseguide.com.

The SunriseGuide is an annual resource guide and coupon book for living green in Maine. It contains hundreds of coupons for healthy and eco-friendly products and services, plus articles with tips for healthy and sustainable living. Topics include food and dining, outdoor living, home and garden, travel and transportation, community and culture, and more. Look for the 2011 edition at school and community fundraisers, natural food stores, bookstores, and other retail outlets.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Heather Chandler

Telephone Number: (207)221-3450

Website: http://www.thesunriseguide.com

Email: hchandler@thesunriseguide.com