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Governor Thomas Pownall Returns

Dresden -

Governor makes his entrance into the Pownalborough Court House, in Dresden, with the help of attendants Peter and Teresa Fogg. Credit: Jay Robbins

DRESDEN РOn June 19, the Pownalborough Court House, Maine’s only pre-Revolutionary War court building, located on Route 128 in Dresden, will serve as the backdrop for a history-making ceremony and celebration. At 1 p.m., local militia, made up of historic re-enactors, commanded by Major Samuel Denny and Major Samuel Goodwin, will assemble and lead county sheriffs, judges, justices and other invited state, county and local officials in a Grand Procession and entrance to the courts, reflecting 1760 custom. A formal program will follow. The event is open to the public. Food will be available on the grounds.

The oil on canvas portrait of Royal Governor Thomas Pownall, painted in 1860 for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the creation of Lincoln County, has returned to the Pownalborough Court House in time for this Saturday’s 250th Anniversary Celebration. Governor Pownall arrived home Monday morning after a 10-week stay at the spa of Fogg Art Restoration in Wiscasset. While there, proprietors Teresa and Peter Fogg lavished the Governor with all appropriate treatments to restore him to his earlier fit appearance.

Thomas Pownall, Esquire. Governor, Captain General and Commander in Chief and Vice Admiral of His Majesty’s Province of Massachusetts Bay. Born 1722 in Lincoln, England; died 25 February 1805 in Bath, Somerset, England. Appointed Royal Governor 25 February 1757 to replace Governor Shirley. In office from August 3, 1757 until dismissed June 3, 1760 for being too much a friend of the Colonies. He always remained so. The Town of Pownalborough and Lincoln County were both named in his honor. Portrait by Henry Cheevers Pratt presented to the Town of Dresden in 1860. A second copy of the portrait was presented to the State of Maine where it now hangs in the Maine State House.

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