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Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award

Salisbury Cove -

Volunteer Service Award 2009 Certificate

SALISBURY COVE – The Downeast Dog Scouts earned the Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award. As a group, troop members completed over 1000 hours of community service during 2009. Several troop members completed between 100 -249 hours of volunteer community service and earned individual Bronze President’s Volunteer Service Awards. Troop members receiving individual awards include: Martha Bonney, Pam Bourque, Pier Carros, Anne Czechanski, Robyn Douglas, Rebecca Henderson, Denise Houseknecht and Abi Larson.

Downeast Dog Scouts Troop members and their dogs provided a total of 1230 hours of community service in activities such as: therapy dog visits, children reading to dogs programs, school visits, community educational activities, walkathons, clean up days, and volunteering with dog related organizations in Hancock County. Some of the locations troop members visit include: Mount Desert Island Hospital, Birch Bay Village, Sonagee Rehabilitation and Living Center, Tremont School, Sumner High School, Mount Desert Elementary School, Somesville Library, Blue Hill Library, Bangor Pubic Library and the Brooksville Public Library.

Community service is a fundamental part of the Downeast Dog Scouts mission and in 2009 the Scouts raised funds with a community supported yard sale to purchase 26 sets of Pet Recovery Oxygen Masks. The mask sets were then donated to EMS and Fire departments in Hancock County that did not have the equipment.

The Dog Scouts of America is a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about responsible dog ownership, the important role of the human/canine bond and to challenge people and dogs to learn how to better serve each other. All troops work toward the goals and missions of the Dog Scouts of America while focusing on the needs and interests of each local community. Additional information regarding the Dog Scouts of America is available at www.dogscouts.org.

For more information about joining the Downeast Dog Scouts contact Robyn Douglas at downeastdogscouts@yahoo.com or 207 266-5807.

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