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FLAMINGOS, FIRE TRUCKS AND POLICE CRUISERS – A community supper “For the Kids”

Rockland -

ROCKLAND – CafĂ© Miranda is getting ready to kick off their annual “For the Kids’ community benefit supper series. The first supper “Flamingos, Fire Trucks and Police Cruisers” is set for 5 p.m. Thurday,  Oct. 28 at CafĂ© Miranda, 15 Oak St. This annual event is CafĂ© Miranda’s way to say thank you to the Rockland Fire Department and Rockland Police Department for their efforts in putting out the fire at CafĂ© Miranda in 2007. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Kiwanis and earmarked to benefit kids in Knox County. Last years event raised enough money to purchase the McGruff suit used while educating local children. CafĂ© Miranda will be serving their regular menu plus Fire Chief Jordan’s “Burning Ring of Fire (House) Meal”. For more information or to make a reservation please call 207.596.2034 or visit www.cafemiranda.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Kerry Altiero

Telephone Number: (207)594-2034

Website: http://www.CafeMiranda.com

Email: miranda@midcoast.com