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Warren, ME -

WARREN, Maine — Warren True Value will hold a fundraiser for LifeFlight during their annual open house, Saturday, Dec. 3.

Blaine Burgess, youngest son of Pam and Tom Burgess of Warren, was LifeFlighted to Boston Children’s Hospital more than 5 years ago, but his parents have never forgotten the care their son received during his ordeal. In an effort to give back to the people who helped, the Burgess’ are holding this fundraiser with all proceeds going to LifeFlight of Maine.

The Burgesses live on the family farm in Warren where they have raised three kids and run the local hardware store. When Blaine was 8 years old, his fingers were crushed in an accident. He was playing outside in the barn when an engine hoist started to topple over. Blaine tried to catch it but the weight of the equipment crushed two of the fingers on his right hand. His father ran to help him, and realizing what happened, he left Blaine’s glove on and rushed him to Pen Bay Medical Center. Emergency doctors there saw that the best chance of saving Blaine’s fingers lay with the specialists at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Time is extremely important in any limb-saving surgery, so the physicians at Pen Bay called for LifeFlight to transport Blaine to Boston. Two surgeries followed, the second using a piece of vein from his arm to repair his ring finger. Blaine recovered and was home in about a week. After physical therapy, Blaine still has a scar and can’t fully straighten his ring finger, but today is an active teenager who enjoys hunting, fishing and working for his parents in the hardware store.

Join Blaine and his parents this Saturday for homemade raised donuts and wonderful cardamom bread, fresh from Pam’s kitchen. The fundraiser will be held at Warren True Value on Route 90 in conjunction with the store’s annual open house event.

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Contact Name: Pam Burgess, Warren True Value

Telephone Number: (207)273-3100

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