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Damariscotta Charrette Report receives Prestigious Plan of the Year Award from Maine Association of Planners

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DAMARISCOTTA, Maine – The Maine Association of Planners (MAP) announced its winners for its Annual Awards program last week. The Damariscotta Heart & Soul Planning Charrette Report was chosen to receive the prestigious 2011 “Plan of the Year”. The award will be made to representatives from the Town of Damariscotta and other organizations and consultants involved in the project at the MAP annual meeting to be held in Brunswick, Maine on June 17.

“Damariscotta’s values, developed over months with community input, were used to frame discussions and guide design work, during and after the charrette,” said Robin Mayer, Chair of the Damariscotta Planning Advisory Committee, “specifically as the Town has begun to implement the recommendations in the Charrette Report.” Mayer noted that “the most prominent effort has been preparation of Damariscotta’s new SmartCode, which involved more than 40 meetings where more than 150 community members helped develop the new code.” Damariscotta’s SmartCode will be voted on by a referendum on June 14.

The judging criteria for the MAP award included originality, transferability, quality, implementation, and comprehensiveness. The charrette report was cited for successfully integrating and merging the charrette public engagement process with the Heart & Soul values based planning process and Community VIZ for testing the values identified by the townspeople.

MAP’s judging criteria are the same as those used by the American Planning Association (APA) and the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association (NNECAPA) awards programs. The Plan of the Year recipient receives a silver bowl, engraved with its name and those of former Plan of the Year award winners. The bowl will be held by the Town through the upcoming year before it is passed onto the 2012 award winner. The Damariscotta Heart & Soul Planning Charrette Report will also be nominated by MAP for the NNECAPA 2011 Plan of the Year and possibly the national APA 2011 Plan of the Year.

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