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Bronman Youth Fellow Selected from Perkins Township

Perkins Township -

PERKINS TOWNSHIP  -  Hannah Acheson-Field, daughter of Drs. Julianna Acheson and John Field, is a junior at the Westover School, a selective boarding school in Middlebury, CT where she is a High Honors student. Hannah was voted by her peers to be a freshman proctor and the Science Student Academic Committee representative. Hannah was selected by faculty to spend a trimester last fall studying abroad in Jordan, where she lived with a host family and attended the Ahliyyah School for Girls in Amman, the capital. Hannah also spent this past March in Rwanda on a service-learning exchange program. She is an active member of the following organizations: Amnesty International, Model United Nations, International Women’s Rights Club, Glee Club, Jew Crew, Westover’s Dance Ensemble, and Westover’s Outdoor Club. Hannah’s interests are varied and include international relations, geography, food chemistry, computer science, and art history. Hannah applied for the Bronfman Fellowship in memory of her grandparents, Isabel and Milton Field, formerly of Alexandria, VA, who recently passed away. She knew that they would want her to explore her Jewish roots to her fullest. Hannah is extremely excited to be taking part in this great adventure in Israel. Hannah has two younger sisters, Mary Katherine and Sarah Helena Rose.

Bronfman Youth Fellowships Awarded for Program’s 24th Year

Outstanding High School Students from Diverse Jewish Backgrounds to Study in Israel and Lead Social Action Projects at Home

July 2010 – For the 24th consecutive year, The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel has selected a group of 26 high school students to be Bronfman Fellows. The Bronfman Fellows participate in an intensive five-week program of study and travel in Israel designed to develop future community leaders committed to Jewish unity. The program is funded by The Samuel Bronfman Foundation (TSBF).

This year’s Bronfman Fellows were selected from 13 U.S. states and Canada, following a rigorous application process. They represent diverse Jewish backgrounds, including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, unaffiliated and non-denominational. This year’s group reflects Jewish multi-culturalism and includes three students whose families immigrated to the US from the Former Soviet Union and two students born in Mexico.

Traveling throughout Israel, the Fellows participate in seminars and discussions with diverse rabbinic faculty. Fellows also spend a week with a group of Israeli peers who have been chosen through a parallel selection process as part of our Israeli Youth Fellowship, Amitei Bronfman. Bronfman Youth Fellows are asked to devise and lead Jewish community or social action projects upon returning home after the summer.

“The Samuel Bronfman Foundation is committed to programs that make Judaism relevant to young Jews from all backgrounds,” said TSBF Managing Director Adam R. Bronfman. “Bronfman Fellows gain a special opportunity to explore their Jewish identity in fresh ways. The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel offers a powerful experience that, as 23 years of success show, can last a lifetime.”

There are now 597 Bronfman Fellowship alumni, the majority of whom still take part in alumni activities and projects. Bronfman Youth Fellowship alumni include 8 Rhodes Scholars, 4 former Supreme Court clerks, 11 Fulbright Scholars, 21 Wexner Fellows, and 18 Dorot Fellows. Young leaders of note among Fellowship alumni include: Daniel Handler, a.k.a. Lemony Snicket, author of the successful “Series of Unfortunate Events” children’s books; Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; and Angela Warnick Buchdahl, America’s first Asian-American Cantor and Rabbi at the Central Synagogue in New York City. Others include: Sam Rascoff, former supreme court clerk, former assistant to Paul Bremmer in Iraq, and 2009 Carnegie Scholar; Dara Horn, author of In the Image, The World to Come and All Other Nights; and Anya Kamenetz, the youngest person ever nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her Village Voice series “Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young.”

“We view the summer as something much bigger than just five weeks in Israel,” said Rabbi Shimon Felix, Executive Director of the program. “The lifelong association with Fellows and faculty means our community can serve as a talent bank for the Jewish people.”

About The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel and The Samuel Bronfman Foundation

The Bronfman Youth Fellowship sends 26 outstanding North American teenagers to Israel for five weeks of intensive summer study during which they experience a shared sense of Jewish community. The program educates and inspires exceptional young Jews from diverse backgrounds to become active participants and leaders in Jewish culture throughout their lives and to contribute their talents and vision to the Jewish community and to the world at large. The program was founded by Edgar M. Bronfman and is funded by The Samuel Bronfman Foundation (TSBF), which focuses on projects dedicated to fostering a Jewish renaissance. TSBF is a major active supporter of the Hillel: The Foundation for Campus Jewish Life, The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel, The Curriculum Initiative, and MyJewishLearning.com

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