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Brian Duprey announces candidacy for Maine House

Hampden -

HAMPDEN, Maine –  Former Four-term State Representative Brian Duprey announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination to the Maine House of Representatives in District 39, to represent the towns of Hampden, Newburgh and Dixmont.

Duprey left the Maine House of Representatives in 2008 when term limits prohibited him from running for re-election. He was succeeded by Rep. Andre Cushing who has decided not to seek re-election to the House and has decided to run for the Maine Senate instead.

Duprey previously served as the ranking Republican member of the Joint Standing Committee on Labor and was repeatedly praised by the Maine State Chamber of Commerce for his ability to work both sides of the aisle to improve Maine’s business climate without compromising his principles.

A staunch defender of term limits, Duprey contends that the last four years out of politics has given him a fresh perspective on things. “After eight consecutive years as a member of the Maine Legislature the power starts going to your head. I saw many politicians who began to think they were above the law” said Duprey. He says that there is a term limits loophole that he will work on closing if re-elected.

Duprey can be reached at the following: www.ElectBrianDuprey.com; Facebook: Duprey for Maine House; Twitter: @repduprey; Email: Brian@ElectBrianDuprey.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Brian Duprey

Telephone Number: (207)862-6076

Website: http://www.ElectBrianDuprey.com

Email: repduprey@hotmail.com