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Brewer Public Library closed July 5th – 9th

Brewer -

BREWER – The Brewer Public Library will be closing for the week of July 4th for renovation purposes. The City of Brewer was granted an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) through American Recovery and Investment Act to replace the heating and air conditioning system at the library with a energy efficient and money saving heat pump system and improve lighting and efficiency at the Brewer Auditorium. The current ductwork must be removed and new ductwork installed in the ceiling. This is a disruptive and messy job that necessitates the closing of the library for a few days.

Materials due on July 6th – 9th will be due on July 12th. Patrons can drop them off at the libraries drop box or wait until we are open. The library will be open regular hours next week, June 28th – July 2nd. if you have any questions regarding this closing please call 989-7943.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Donna Rasche

Telephone Number: (207)989-7943

Website: http://brewer.lib.me.us

Email: drasche@brewerme.org