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India Island -

INDIAN ISLAND -  – After a summer without fieldtrips, the Boys & Girls Club of the Penobscot Nation, has received some much needed help and support from the Libra Foundation in the form of a donated 20-passenger activity bus. Back in June, the Club encountered a transportation dilemma when the engine in their 15-passenger van broke down, greatly hindering the summer program, which normally consists of trips to the beach, Bar Harbor, museums, State Parks and most importantly, inter-Tribal youth gatherings for the youth.
Carla Knapp, Chief Professional Officer of the Club says, “This donation comes to us in a great time of need. This summer is practically over, but having this new bus assures that we will have reliable transportation for a very long time.” The recent transportation crisis that the Club has encountered has had a significant impact on the youth, who cherish the positive field trips provided by the Club. In some cases field-trips provide youth with experiences that might be a once in a life-time opportunity. “Fieldtrips are more than just a form of recreation at our Club. Children learn by doing, remembering what they have personally experienced; in that way fieldtrips are a type of experiential learning that provide youth with hands-on experiences.”, says Knapp.
The Club’s transportation needs go beyond their summer program, as the Club operates year-round providing positive and healthy after school alternatives to youth ages 5-18. The Club requires reliable transportation for recreational, educational and incentive field trips for youth who participate in programs such as SMART Moves (Life Skills), Healthy Choices Healthy Kids, T.R.A.I.L. (Diabetes Prevention) and Power Hour (Homework Help).

If you would like to learn more about the Club, contact Carla Knapp at 207-817-7355.

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