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Bangor History’s Rare Declarations of Independence Travel

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BANGOR – Two copies of the Declaration of Independence, owned by the Bangor Museum and History Center, are on their way to The William J. Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock, Arkansas, for their new exhibit, “Revolution and Rebellion: The George Stuart Historical Figures. From the Revolutionary period, the Clinton Library will be borrowing a Tyler engraving and a Stone engraving of the Declaration of Independence from the Bangor Museum in Bangor, Maine. The W. I. Stone edition is the most famous and important facsimile of the Declaration, and exceedingly rare. Stone copied (in reverse) the entire Declaration, including original corrections and signatures, onto a copper plate. This print is one of only 31 or 32 known vellum copies of the 201 originally produced.

As part of this exhibit, the Clinton Library will also be displaying significant documents from the time periods of the Revolution and the Civil War. The exhibit will showcase 35 scale portrait sculptures of famous players in the American Revolution and the American Civil War by artist George Stuart of Ojai, California.

The exhibit runs from Dec. 11-May 22, 2011. The William J. Clinton Presidential Library is one of 13 Presidential Libraries owned and operated by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Learn more at www.clintonlibrary.gov. Visit our website at www.bangorhistory.org.

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